Bring home your favorite exotic flavors with Habanero products. Made with the finest gourmet ingredients, Habanero products are an ideal accompaniment to bring a zing to all your culinary experiments.

The versatile Habanero sauces with their exotic flavors are sublime, delectable and leave a tang lingering on the palate. They can be used both as a tasty marinade in the kitchen and as a lively accompaniment at the table.

The Peri Peri Sauce is best known for adding a kick to chicken and seafood, but also pairs beautifully with paneer, tofu, and roasted vegetables.

The Hot Sauce packs a zing in every spicy bite. Just a sprinkle of this sharp sauce makes all the difference. A few drops will liven up pasta, eggs, grilled vegetables, bean dishes, and meats.

Enjoy the gourmet quality Barbecue Sauce as a marinade for your chicken and meat before laying them on your grill, or try it as a dip alongside your favorite appetizers. A perfect accompaniment for any backyard barbecue or snack sessions.

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